Program Info

The 2022 Summer REU program will tentatively run from May 29, 2022 until July 29, 2022. (The exact dates will be posted soon)


  • Be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. or its possessions.
  • Enrolled in a two-year or four-year science or engineering degree program.
  • Available for the full duration of the program.

Stipends/Housing/Travel Reimbursement:
Students will receive a $4,500 stipend, on campus housing along with meal-plan and up to $500 for travel reimbursement for those students coming from outside of a 50-mile radius of FIU.

Research Topics:
Some of the research topics offered by the faculty mentors are listed in the following table. Additional project topics, including the ones for fully-online participation may be available.  Please contact the mentors for the details.


Faculty Mentor Contact info. Project Topic
N. Pala

Extremely Reconfigurable Antennas Based on Phase-Change Materials
S. Bhardwaj

Applied Electrodynamics Group

Flexible Radio Frequency Electronics for Wearable Applications
S. Georgakopoulos

Reconfigurable, tunable, multifunctional, deployable antenna systems
E. Alwan

ECE Profile

Novel Frequency Independent Hybrid Beamformer
H. Deng

ECE Profile

MIMO Antenna Arrays and Transmit-Receive Digital Beamforming for Improved MMW Radar Angle Resolution
A. Ibrahim

Wireless Innovation Lab (WIL)

MMW Propagation Nature for Vehicular and Drone-assisted Aerial Communication

Vehicular Communication Testbed Development

A. Madanayake


A High-Gain Scanning THz Rotational Aperture Antenna
J. L. Volakis


  • RF transponders for medical sensing (brain, wounds, diabetes, cardio etc)
  • High resolution CubeSat imaging.
  • Wideband communications with MIMO and dual authentication
  • Sensors and sensing for energy grid monitoring
  • Reconfigurable Magneto-dielectrics for EMI/EMC and for Vehicle communications during re-entry
  • Flexible and wearable electronics for RF level detection
  • Flexible electronics and wearable transceivers and wearable sensors
S. Bhansali

Bio-Mems & Microsystems Group

Organic Thin Films based Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) diodes for MMW Applications
D. Pavlidis

ECE Profile

Nanoscale Vacuum Field Effect Transistors (VFETs) for Next Generation Communications



The program is open to only US Citizens, Nationals and Permanent Residents. Eligible students will submit an online application in Spring 2022  using the form in the link below.

The required application material are:
1) resume (state expected graduation date)
2) transcript
3) personal and research statement about candidates’ career goals, including the motivation for applying to the program, summary of previous research and international experience)
4) two letters of recommendation.

Application Deadline:
The application deadline for Summer 2022 is February 27, 2022.

Contacts for further information:

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